Blogger Restart

Thanks to my TA job, I opened my “All About Business” Blogger again.

Plus, I put all the pictures of women I adore together, as a headline gadget.

Their names are followed:

Diana Spencer-Princess of Wales

Yulia Tymoshenko-Prime Minister of Ukraine

Elisabeth of Bavaria(Sisi)-Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary

Elaine Lan Chao(赵小兰)-24th United States Secretary of Labor

Lin Huiyin(林徽因)-20th century Chinese architect and writer

Pan Liping (潘莉萍)-mom

Annika Falkengren- President and Group Chief Executive of the Swedish bank Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB)

To be continued.


Love without Boundaries – Charity Night

Sometimes, I find myself forgetful. The kindergarten memory I can recall  is that I helped a cute boy to fasten the shoelace, and that’s it, else what I can recall is told by my graduate video or heard from my mom. There is a saying in Chinese: 好记性不如烂笔头 – write it down even if you have a good memory. So I wanna make a record of this event : Love without boundaries-Charity Night, June 15, 2010, Fachhoschule Kufstein, Austria.

When I got the idea?

Good question. When I was watching the CNN television in the kitchen one day around April 19th. A brief review, say about 30 seconds,  of the earthquake in China woke me up; Too short to make me angry at first place, why massive report about the growth or some may say threat of the Chinese economy, on the contrary,  tiny short report of the victims or severe damage of the Chinese earthquake. MASS MEDIA, always, not matter in which country, a  foolish, cold-blooded and  machinery-brain of the politics. Later on, calm down, I asked myself,  there is no reason to blame, when President Hu is all over the newspaper daily  in China, what we can expect is the counterpart all over the USA media channels, who is in charge, who is on the headline, else what give way.

Whereas, I find what I am specialized;  I can feel, understand the silent contact of the people, see through their needs and offer the helps willingly. For a long time, I know my life will be divided in three parts: education->self-value realizing->charity/education career.

How is it goes?

April. 22 1. Email to 辅导员 of Shanghai University, got the contact of Shanghai Red Cross.

2. Email to Kaspar: LKW, IRO

3. Email to Prof. Duenas: LKW Wien

April. 27  1. opening statement at Org & HRM class and Strategy in Org class

April. 28 1. IRO/Elke

April. 29 1. ÖH student union. Ines Berlinger

April. 30 1. Group email to ERAMUS (Initial Plan)

2. Email to Prof. Vohradsky: time-fame, Caritas, FH contact, sponsorship

3. Appointment with Walter Mayr, canceled.

May 3rd. 1.Sketch layout design  of the hall of FH, management team and responsiblities

2. Meeting with Elizabeth Ölz =>facility support confirmed

May4th. 1. Meeting with Barbara(SKVM/social department of ÖH)

May 5th. 1. Telephone Caritas Wien (Clothes donation part canceled because of the transportation)

2. Receive reply from Dean of Shanghai University, providing souvenir support

May 6th. 1. Meeting with Barbara and Elizabeth Ölz (marketing department of FH) => discuss details

May 7th 1. New plan: Charity Night+Chinese Culture Night

Now, to be continued…

Excursion of DBGSW

“Doing Business in German Speaking World” is one of the most interesting class I take here in FH. Excursion+PPT Presentation+FinalPaper+Lecture.

Excursion is definitely worth-seeing, 1. LKW-Walter 2. BMW-Dingolfing Werk 3. Sandoz 4. Riedel 5. Swaroski.

Photo Gallery followed, lucky to take the heavy camera with me every time.

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Gauder Fest

Last Saturday, Gauder Fest in Ziellertal. – Österreichs größtes Frühlings und Trachtenfes.

Traditional dress: Lederhose, Trachten, Dirndl (Leather pants, costumes, Dress)

I go with my homestay family, the 3rd biggest festival I have seen here in Austria, after Weihnachten, Easten. Thousands of people gathering together to enjoy the march of the representatives from different regions with various volksmusik band, some tranzen, some bring the their farmland treasures: sheep, horses, cows… You can tell how Tirol/Austrian people love nature and fundamental industry in ancient times: agriculture.

-Dancing, like nobody is watching.

-Drums bring the Volksmusik.

-Yes, I know you are right, I am gaining weight. T_T



挑选了陈彤的《我愿意》,一个女编剧,写了《双面胶》,一直留在Read it Later收藏夹中,今天下载了txt,导入word阅读版面,看了60屏,不怎么喜欢,苍白的文字更像是速食大龄剩女如何将自己嫁出去的“宝典”,噘着无味但又不死心一旦开始便求索其结局,google知其是happy ending,关了相关所有窗口,删除,如此而已。


一个原本做souvnier的手工玻璃水晶作坊,因为一个“老鼠”的成功推向市场,Swarovski从此闻名于世,Wetten成为奥地利第二个旅行目的地,仅次于维也纳美泉宫;今天包头巾的印度人,一团人其涮涮地从我的视线中上车离开。经营一个公司不易,创始人更加艰巨,我现在深切体会,从无到有如逆风跑步,持久考验毅力。我现在“改变”,外界,这种力量呼之欲出;失败与成功不是想与不想,是做与不做,我明了。Charity Night本想速战速决,现在将中国文化传播元素加入其中,持久战,一场盛世细枝末节、前因后果、千丝万缕,考验我的细心、大局观和持久的耐心。前两者对我较容易,perseverance,我将其作为我的hotmail address,警示。





I am on my way to chase a “perfect” personality, truly, madly and deeply.

Saying that Kufstein is nothing but a quiet city/town to relax proved to be wrong. It looks upon yourselves.

Right at this moment, I am working on 2 jobs:

1. Holding a Charity Night + Chinese Culture Night in June

2. TA

Furthermore, plenty of work to do before deadline: May 10th.

1. PPT and Paper: Swatch Group Sales Analysis + 1 Case Study

2. Written Exam: Sales Management 41 questions + 1 Case Study

3. PPT: Strategic Radar of McDonalds


1. Bachelor thesis/ Documentary preparation

2. Micro-Macro-economics Book (Ch/En)

3. Traveling plan for May and July

4. Winter School paper

5. Language

6. Internship Suchen (Nanjing Youth Olympics…)

What I know for now is Step by Step. Force myself not to leave the work which can be done today to tomorrow. Live simply.  CHANGE, yes, it is all about change: Stand up when your mind told you to stick to the chair because it is easy and comfortable; Keep the promise and the words in spite of any possible excuses; All about fight.  Wer zuletzt lacht, lacht am besten.

Do whatever you like, and do the best you can!

From now on, I am going to report the event “Chinese Charity Night” daily. 😛

Once In A LIFEtime

Once in a lifetime, let’s go crazy!

If life is boring, why don’t you yourself to give it a change?

If Kufstein is everything but a hardworking/study environment, why don’t you yourself build one?

If 190 dollar is paid for GRE test, why don’t you give yourself a shot to apply for the dreaming university?!

Approx. 30 24hr days. 2 months. May. 28/29th. Frankfurt.