从早8:30出门,一整天在学校,晚7天回屋,饿慌了,烤了一个蒜香法式长棍,又是伴着牛奶,狼吞虎咽,三下五除二解决;这吃饭速度不变胖才怪呢,无奈不得已也,回家大概可以营养和保持体形同时吧 🙂



I’d better continue modifying my presentation. Cross finger for tomorrow’s charity night. I am afraid to imagine, too much effort on it, it is already an overwhelm for me to predict, let it go.

Shanghai, I am coming back. So many familiar faces up in my mind, I miss U so much. How is everything going on with you? Lotto, how many films have you watched during these two semesters? Secilia, any gossip to hear from you? I am curious. LE, sometimes you come to my night dreams, not because still love u, I think, but because you are a part of my memory, I am trying my best to forget you.  Prof. Liu, did u get my postcard from Vatican? …

Shanghai, may not be a comfortable city to live, not to say to compare to Kufstein, but it is hometown, one word is enough as an explanation.

China, may be a developing country, but it has fantastic culture, it has own Chinese characters, its VARIETY deeply attracts me.


世界杯打响,昨晚和P&S一起喝着Leicht & Fruchtig的香槟,看着4:0的一边倒赛事,上楼,酒暖的胃睡了一个沉沉的夜,特别舒坦。I deeply love them, wondering when I can meet them again after my departure in July. Studying in England, is it possible? Chance is rare. Invite them to my wedding, possible, but who knows when will be my wedding. Honey moon in Kufstein, could be, still unknown when.

A shower to stop negative homesick.

Cheer Up! Tomorrow is your day!

Tears in my eyes…



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