love pill

I know I am ill, bad headache and caught a flu. However I am glad I am ill, finally I can stop struggle  in my mind, TA or Charity Night or Bachelor Thesis. Three is too much for my mind at this moment, so let’s just focus on the Charity Night.

Mr. Vohradsky, please forgive me, I am not a responsible TA, I know, but please give me more time, after 15 June. I will be back; You know that I am keen on finding out what is solo-priority company, you know that I am eagerly looking forward to meet you and your master students again in Shanghai.

I took a shower before Barbara come, I used up all the energy to have a discussion about the charity night with her, I tell myself:  stick to it, you initial the idea, you have to lead it to the end, a perfect ending at least.

Wondering where is the power coming from, I think it is the Love Pill, when I look at the photos of Mr. Ni, I cannot help but being deeply touched and moved. How can you ignore the pains, the cryings, the begging coming out of the photos; Tough their eyes, you know that they are asking for food, clean water, medical care, shelter…They are crying for the lost of homeland, beloved relatives, daily necessities… They are begging for the help from the outsider, begging us to tell them what and how they can do to rebuild their houses…

I am thinking what I can do, we can do.

Am I still the teenager? No.

Am I still the one who has no power to change the current situation? No.

Am I still the one who sitting in front of the TV, doing nothing but sighing for the disasters happened all the world? No.

I am now at the age of  in want of a change. Change a better personality of myself. Change a better world with my own hands, with all the efforts I can make, with the courage and knowledge given by my beloveds.

Yes, I can!

Still I am ill, don’t worry, I am still alive.


One response to “love pill

  1. dear ida, good luck on presentation!

    love wilber

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