cheer up!

“Don’t let the grass grow under one’s feet.”
It is a slam which means don’t stand still doing nothing until the grass grow under the feet.
I am not the person wandering around, doing nothing, but I definitely not good at time management and attitude/mind adjustment. I hate myself easily become sad or negative when something bad happens, it could be a sudden news, someone’s facial expression, a direct reject or critics… From time to time I tell myself not to care what others’ think about you, BE YOURSELF!  “Dance, like nobody is watching.” I can’t, I am too sensitive, it is so hard for me to change the personality, though I am trying. God help me.

I have a long “wish list”, those are the wishes I am going to accomplish in my life, such as “Once drive a plane” “Once up to the sky with a hot air balloon” “Once bungee jumping” “Once parachute” “To learn piano” “To learn wine tasting” “To write a book” “To work for UN”…

Life is so colorful, I should not let puzzles block my way!


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