Weisse Mousse au Chocolat

Too sweet for me, I almost forgot what is hardworking should be.

Look at the mirror, I am far away from being a perfect person I dreamed of. I have great passion to do what I loved, at the very moment, I wanna do the research to find out the solo proprietorship in Shanghai, if it is possible I wanna be self-employed and name the company: “sunny” (The sun gives me power and happiness, all the time, no exception.) I know I am good at event management,  “event” here includes individual wedding, birthday party, alumni reunion; corporate events; a photo gallery, a movie festival, a concert, a football game, or mega-event(I cannot handle it now, but one day, i know, there will be a day.) It sounds so GREATTTTT.

Barbara said she doesn’t like facebook, because it is sorta a tracking of others’ privacy, I didn’t expect this answer, but after a while thinking, when I restart my facebook, I found it is boring and disgusting(sorry to put it that way, it is the fact). Here comes the question, whether internet community brings human beings closer or farther?

BTW, Barbara’s flat is quite beautifully decorated, white is the theme color, clean but with a poetic rhyme, I really admire the girls who spend a lot of  time building a FAMILY-style of flat of their own, Barbara, Sarah, Silvia, and Ines. Different stylish design, but all cozy and lovely.

These are the girls gonna be great moms and wives 😀

–Pity, internet broke down, the draft gone, I didn’t wanna repeat what I wrote minutes ago, let it go, sleep now…


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