Calm Down

When time is pressing, it is a challenge.

I am asking for the challenges in my life, when it comes, to tell the truth, I am still afraid of facing it.

Still I am trying to overcome it, tons of assignments come  to me recently, however, while I calm down, reduced to two. One TA, One Charity Night.

Rarely admit that I am busy, coz deep in my mind, I believe there is a way to be done,  A Chinese saying “Time is like a sponge” or a great Chinese writer Luxun, the tip for his success is he writes when others are having a cup of coffee.

Ryne asked me today, while we were watching a movie “Shall We Dance” on tv, “what should we look like when we are 40s, at the age, let’s say, Richard Gere”, my mind went blank; I force myself not to think about anything far more than I can reach, otherwise it will be nothing but a burden. I actually know my dreaming life, it is a simple scene I shared with Andrea months ago; it is a house with a french window, sunshine coming inside, warm and cozy, I was reading a nice book, while my husband looks at me with loving glances; we chat and find sth. interesting to do together. No business, no complications. For so long, I haven’t had a time to calm down reading a book without any disturbs. I miss my teenage times, absorbed by classic novels, Russian inspiring and reform novels, British love stories, “The Thorn Bird” “Three Musketers” “The Gadfly””Count of Monte Cristo”…I’m lovin’ it. When and where can I read again!!!

Selina asked me to fill out a questionnaire this afternoon, it is about your  belief, religion and family relationship. Afterward, I went up a hill with Ines, lovely chat and blow several dandelions, flying away… Close to the nature, wunderschön. A classic movie shared with Ryne in the evening: Holiday, watched, laughed, cried for dozens of times, so far some lines are written in my mind. The background music is sassy! The tent of Sophie and Olivia is seriously cool!

Ok, calm down, work harder for today, then I can make my reading dream comes true!


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