Love without boundaries

„ Love without Boundaries“ Charity Night

Fachhoschule Kufstein               15, June, 2010 19:00

The Night will be a „Charity Night“ + a „Chinese Culture Night“.

1)     Photo gallery: photos from the region before & after the earthquake

2)     Money donation: A souvenir: Chinese knot[1] for each donor

3)     Do-it-yourself:

-paper crane[2] making

-calligraphy[3] writing

-paper-cutting for window decoration[4]

[1] Chinese knot:

A type of national handicrafts with long history; purely hand-made, each knot is woven out of one entire silk thread, expressing Chinese traditional pleasant phrases, such as „Happiness & longevity” and „full of joy“.

[2] Paper crane:

Paper crane is an international symbol of peace.

[3] Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is an art form;

Through the medium of form, way of handling the brush, presentation, and style, calligraphy as a work of art conveys the moral integrity, character, emotions, esthetic feelings and culture of the artist to readers affecting them by the power of appeal and the joy of beauty.

[4] Paper-cutting for window decoration

Paper-cutting is a common folk art in China. During the Spring Festival, Chinese people in many places like to paste paper-cuts on windows for decoration, which not only help foster a festive atmosphere, but also bring enjoyment to the people.

Sincerely welcoming  your participation!

Best regards,

Rong Zhu


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