Love without Boundaries – Charity Night

Sometimes, I find myself forgetful. The kindergarten memory I can recall  is that I helped a cute boy to fasten the shoelace, and that’s it, else what I can recall is told by my graduate video or heard from my mom. There is a saying in Chinese: 好记性不如烂笔头 – write it down even if you have a good memory. So I wanna make a record of this event : Love without boundaries-Charity Night, June 15, 2010, Fachhoschule Kufstein, Austria.

When I got the idea?

Good question. When I was watching the CNN television in the kitchen one day around April 19th. A brief review, say about 30 seconds,  of the earthquake in China woke me up; Too short to make me angry at first place, why massive report about the growth or some may say threat of the Chinese economy, on the contrary,  tiny short report of the victims or severe damage of the Chinese earthquake. MASS MEDIA, always, not matter in which country, a  foolish, cold-blooded and  machinery-brain of the politics. Later on, calm down, I asked myself,  there is no reason to blame, when President Hu is all over the newspaper daily  in China, what we can expect is the counterpart all over the USA media channels, who is in charge, who is on the headline, else what give way.

Whereas, I find what I am specialized;  I can feel, understand the silent contact of the people, see through their needs and offer the helps willingly. For a long time, I know my life will be divided in three parts: education->self-value realizing->charity/education career.

How is it goes?

April. 22 1. Email to 辅导员 of Shanghai University, got the contact of Shanghai Red Cross.

2. Email to Kaspar: LKW, IRO

3. Email to Prof. Duenas: LKW Wien

April. 27  1. opening statement at Org & HRM class and Strategy in Org class

April. 28 1. IRO/Elke

April. 29 1. ÖH student union. Ines Berlinger

April. 30 1. Group email to ERAMUS (Initial Plan)

2. Email to Prof. Vohradsky: time-fame, Caritas, FH contact, sponsorship

3. Appointment with Walter Mayr, canceled.

May 3rd. 1.Sketch layout design  of the hall of FH, management team and responsiblities

2. Meeting with Elizabeth Ölz =>facility support confirmed

May4th. 1. Meeting with Barbara(SKVM/social department of ÖH)

May 5th. 1. Telephone Caritas Wien (Clothes donation part canceled because of the transportation)

2. Receive reply from Dean of Shanghai University, providing souvenir support

May 6th. 1. Meeting with Barbara and Elizabeth Ölz (marketing department of FH) => discuss details

May 7th 1. New plan: Charity Night+Chinese Culture Night

Now, to be continued…


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